Asian Investment Services

Ray White Commercial Asian Investment Services is a Sydney based business, borne out of a need for a commercial property advisory service that spans the full lifecycle of commercial property investment, from sales, to leasing and asset management, and back to sales…  while also catering to the long-term needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse local and overseas clientele.

It is a well-known fact that Australia (and Sydney in particular) is a locale of choice for Asian investors. What is perhaps less recognised in the commercial market is that Asian investors are increasingly choosing to live and raise their families here in Australia, while also continuing to build their generational wealth on the stability of commercial property investment. The increasing flexibility of a globalised world means we often see our clients moving between Australia and Asia seamlessly. These clients need the comfort of knowing their investments are being responsibly and optimally managed.

As a family-owned business ourselves, we saw a real need to cater for our clients (whether based here or in Asia), in a manner which was not just focused on selling an asset and moving onto the next one. Rather one focused on positioning RWC- Asian Investment Services as a ‘trusted advisor’, consulting on each valued client’s portfolio overtime while providing the full suite of commercial sales, leasing and asset management services. Only that kind of longstanding knowledge of our clients’ needs and the intricacies of each property, delivered in the language that our clients’ are most comfortable speaking, enables us to maximise the return on investment for each asset.

Powered by a team of highly-motivated, diverse and multilingual professionals, we know that the most rewarding relationships in business are earned over time… and are always built on trust, loyalty and the highest standards of service.

We would be honoured if you would give Ray White Commercial – Asian Investment Services the opportunity to show you how we do it better.