Joyce Elkouberci

Director - Asset Management

Joyce's exceptional market knowledge and experience as a Commercial Asset Manager allows her to provide outstanding service to Landlords and Tenants' alike. We are not overstating it when we say that Joyce truly takes on each property under her care as if it was her own.

With almost twenty years of experience in Asset Management, and most of those specifically in the commercial sector, Joyce understands the challenges and opportunities that arise in managing all aspects of Retail, Commercial and Industrial assets. With a firm grasp on the legislative and technical requirements of owning, leasing and operating these types of properties, Joyce is able to manage them competently and efficiently, always with a view to minimising risk and maximising returns. 

Joyce consistently earns the confidence of her Landlords', some of whom have entrusted their portfolios to her for decades (yes decades!). That sort of loyalty is a testament to Joyce's ability to act as a trusted advisor for her clients and to consistently steer their portfolios towards the best possible outcomes. It is a quality that is hard to find in the industry, and highly prized above all.

Most recently, Joyce was awarded the highly prized accolade of Ray White Commercial Asset Manager of the Year (2021) which covers candidatures across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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